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Transform Your Life Package 30 Day Trial
Transform Your Life Package 30 Day Trial


"Transform Your Life" Energy Work Package includes:

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An amazingly AFFORDABLE and EFFICIENT approach to healing and raising your level of consciousness.  These LIFE CHANGING, Transformational group sessions are affordable and easily accessible!  These are designed for those who are working with Sharen or another practitioner in private sessions, although they can be incredibly powerful on their own. Here's how it works:

3 times a month Sharen hosts a group call...

you receive an email with the time and call in code...

Calls will usually be held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 12:00PM MST and 1:30PM MST.   (You do not need to be available at the time of the call to benefit from these calls...See Below)

You email back your intentions (what you want to manifest with the session)

Sharen conducts the group energy healing session and uses BodyTalk tapping (on Head, Heart and Gut) to tap in your session.  

You can choose to participate in one of three ways:

1.  you have the option to participate in the call  real time (and tap in the session)


2.  Listen to the call or read the session in the follow-up email on your own time (and tap in the session)


3.  simply allow Sharen to tap in the session for you.

These group calls will have the most impact if most often you take the time to  read the call and tap it in to reinforce what was done in the session if you didn't participate in the live call.

If you don't send in intentions for each call, Sharen will access whatever is priority for you and the group via intuition.  There will also often be a group intention being worked on in each call.


Let's Break it Down:
3 Monthly Calls

1st session:  Relationship Healing Session 

(you submit an intention concerning relationships)

2nd Session:  General Energy Work Session 

(you submit an intention about ANYTHING)

​3rd Session:  Sexual Healing and Abundance Session

(you submit an intention concerning sexuality and/or abundance)

YOU MAY SUBMIT ANY INTENTION about ANYTHING FOR ANY OF THE 3 CALLS!  THE Energetic clearing we do will generally follow the subject of the call (ie. relationships or sexuality), however we can work on manifesting ANYTHING during any of the calls!!!

How Much?

$25 per Group Healing Call each month

$25 per month of Daily Consciousness E-mail Mini Sessions


Monthly Subscription for all $99 per month

or Yearly Subscription for all $660 per year

Yearly "Transform Your LIfe" Subscription
Purchase a yearly subscription for $660.  This includes

  • All 3 Group Calls
  • AND the Daily Consciousness Emails which contain mini daily sessions FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!!! 
  • The equivalent of 7 full sessions for less than $56 each month!!! 
  • PLUS add (1) 90 minute Ashiatsu Massage or Energy Work Session to be used anytime during the year!

Monthly "Transform Your Life" Package
This includes:

  • All 3 Group Calls
  • AND the Daily Consciousness Emails which contain mini daily sessions
  • $99 per month!

Please join Master Energy Healer, Sharen Larson in a transformational journey by subscribing to one of the following options: