At Larson Healing Sanctuary, your relaxation, comfort and healing are Sharen's top priority.  In order to maximize relaxation and comfort, Sharen uses the bodyCushion™ system to deepen your body's ability to unwind.  Be lulled into blissful reverie with the heated table, bodyCushions, relaxing music, and candle light.  A hydrolic table allows the table to move up and down silently.  Sharen customizes each massage to your needs.  She'll ask you about your preferences for table heat, pressure, and technique.  Aromatherapy and steamed towels(upon request) are offered with each massage.

                                                                                              Swedish Massage

Ashiatsu Deep Feet Bar Therapy

Deep-tissue Massage

Myo-fascial Massage

Segmental Massage


Prenatal Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Accident Recovery Massage

   ​Injury Massage

Sharen weaves many modalities into each massage according to the needs of each client.  Shiatsu, Cranial-Sacral Therapy,

Positional Release Therapy, BodyTalk, Polarity, Lymph and many other gentle modalities may be employed to add

therapeutic benefit for each person she sees.  Sharen is passionate about getting results and helping her clients become

pain free and balanced.  Enjoy therapeutic massage interwoven into a custom relaxation massage.

A steamed towel is offered after each massage to wipe off excess lotion.  Enjoy bottled water to help you stay hydrated after each massage.

 Make an appointment with Sharen for a relaxing, therapeutic massage today and start on your road to healing.

Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage