Find out more about Ashiatsu Deep Feet Bar Therapy

PLEASE NOTE: If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, have osteoperosis, certain heart conditions or take blood thinners, this is not the massage for you. If you have had breast augmentation within 9 months or recent eye surgery you are not a candidate for this technique but may be in the future. Also, if you have had any surgeries from which your doctor would like to keep scar tissue built up around the surgery site please let me know.

Do’s & Don’ts after your Ashiatsu Massage

After any massage, there are cautionary don’ts and do’s. After 60 minutes of this technique, your back muscles will be very supple and the chance of injury is greater.  Please take the following precautions for 48 hours after receiving a massage.  Specifically, after an Ashiatsu massage,

 you should:

  • drink LOTS of water
  • do gentle stretches
  • treat yourself with a nice hot shower
  • or sit in a sauna, steam room or hot tub
  • use Biofreeze to your lower lumbar area as needed
  • wear back or neck support if work requires rough activity


 You should NOT:

  • lift heavy objects (even a child over 35 lbs.)
  • do any sports that are rough contact or have you twist your back muscles
  • sit for long periods of time in a hard chair (we don’t want you compressing your back for 24 hours
  • or drink heavy alcohol


Basically, treat yourself with love and hold off on any activity that is strenuous on your body for at least 24 to 48 hours.


Ashiatsu Deep Feet Bar Therapy

Sharen Larson LMT of Larson Healing Sanctuary Specializes in Deep Tissue Massage in the form of Ashiatsu Deep Feet Therapy, combined with other modalities such as Cranial Sacral Therapy, Positional Release, Myofascial Release to soften muscle tissue, relieve pain and balance the entire body.  If desired she will weave in Energy Work and Emotional Release techniques to balance muscle tissue as well.  She is a certified practitioner in Theta Healing Technique, Body Talk, Emotion Code and Foot Zoning.  Larson Healing Sanctuary serves Cedar Hills Utah, American Fork Utah, Alpine Utah, Highland Utah, Pleasant Grove Utah, Lehi Utah, Draper Utah, Orem Utah, Saratoga Springs Utah, Lindon Utah, North Utah County, and Salt Lake County.  Therapeutic Massage, Body Balancing, and Energy Work near Lone Peak High School, 4 minutes from Ridley's in Highland Utah.

Utilizing an overhead bar system for balance, I apply moderate to ultra deep pressure with my feet in the form of long flowing deep compression strokes. Reconnect as several strokes are full length of body. Full body massage in which I use smooth bare feet to stretch out your spine, separate your fascia, and release trigger points. If you enjoy especially deep massage, I can apply my full body weight. Ashiatsu barefoot massage is equally nice for those who enjoy light work as pressure is entirely adjustable and the broad surface of the foot does not feel pointed or painful. I am able to do deep tissue work with light pressure because this massage style allows me to access deep structures of the body.

Increase range of motion, relieve deep down stress, and elongate the spine to improve posture and decrease pressure on nerves between spinous processes.

This is the massage for you if you can't get deep enough pressure from traditional massage.  Deep pressure without the pain!