Don’t let chronic pain ruin or negatively affect your life. We can eliminate the pain and help you resume a normal and pain-free life again.  

Most major insurances are accepted so you can rest assured that your wellness is our top priority.  If you’ve been in an accident you may have been susceptible to whiplash or a sore back/hips due to the sudden change of motion jarring your bones and muscles in an unexpected direction.  Sharen will examine the affected area and provide the best possible treatment for your situtation.

Sharen Larson LMT provides massage for auto accident patients, all paid for by insurance.  The synergistic combination of massage and chiropractic help you heal more quickly and get back to the activities of your daily life.  

Sharen feels passionately about her clients having access to chiropractic care and massage

after car accidents.  Her own experience with whiplash and the the chronic pain and

degeneration which followed a few years later have made her aware of the importance 

of immediate chiropractic intervention, which could have saved her thousands of dollars

and much pain and discomfort had she only sought out chiropractic care after her auto

accident.  Sharen wants to spread the word and make sure her clients are aware of

whiplash and the long-term effects it can have on the body, and how to address whiplash

early on!

If you've been in an auto accident, please schedule an appointment today

and start on the road to healing!


Accident Recovery Massage